Big claims, big gains by going own brand up Hurley’s SuperValu, Midleton


Big claims, big gains by going own brand up Hurley’s SuperValu, Midleton: Real Food. Real People. Real Savings. You may remember several years ago, a certain television show suggested shopping ‘one brand down’ and seeing the savings you could make, writes Becky Grice.

Hurley’s SuperValu, Midleton doesn’t think that’s what you should do. After all, why compromise on quality when, by buying SuperValu’s own brand products, you can save money AND still enjoy top quality produce at the same time? Forget ‘one brand down’, it’s about time to ‘own brand up.’

And so we find ourselves at Hurley’s SuperValu about to take on their ’Comparison Challenge’. Here’s how it works. We’ll fill up a trolley with ’branded’ products while our counterpart will pick up SuperValu’s own brand products. We’ll match products size for size, weight for weight, measure for measure and – in the case of loo roll – ply for ply. With trolleys freshly oiled and shopping list firmly in hand, the Midleton & District News sets out with Sarah, our trusty guide, as we take a stroll through Hurley’s recently completely renovated store.

We’ve been given only two instructions: do your own weekly shop and don’t look at prices. Feeling like we’re in a live-action remake of Supermarket Sweep, but without those huge inflatable bonuses they’d have to find and without Dale Winton screaming support, we start in the fruit & veg section, before making our way to the laneway of loaves, which comprises the store’s significant selection of breads. We pick up cupcakes, resisting the urge to start sampling them and, over the next hour pick up 50 individual items. Sarah’s trolley boasts Hurley’s own brand items, from their Daily Basics, Free From and Signature Tastes ranges. Our trolley is full of branded items and, as instructed, we haven’t looked at a price once.

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