Curly Stu presents the perfect pizza


A perfect pizza is a thing of joy forever and, at Curly Stu’s Pizzas, that’s what you’re guaranteed every time.

Stuart Bowes, the man behind Curly Stu, knows a lot about pizzas.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the scientific process behind creating the perfect pizza, read on…

Stuart tells the Midleton & District News, “I use a sourdough culture for the pizza bases, as it has good flavour and health benefits. We use Red Caputo flour because it is the strongest brand and ideal for long fermentation. We ferment our dough for two days, and use a sourdough culture instead of commercial yeast, as it gives much more flavour and breaks down all of the nutrients in the flour to make it easy for us all to digest and feel good after.”

For the tomato base, Stuart uses San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes: sweet, with low acidity and, courtesy of the D.O.P., guaranteed to have been grown in that region.

But there’s no point in having excellent quality tomatoes, unless you’ve got the cheese to back it up!

Stuart grins and notes, “Fior Di Latte is a cow’s milk mozzarella that cooks well in high heat. It’s smooth, it’s a little bit tangy and, for those of you who love to see that cheese stretch and stretch, you’re in for a treat!”

Stuart uses local suppliers for many of Curly Stu’s pizza toppings, including Ballyhoura Wild Mushrooms from North Cork; Gubbeen Chorizon, Ardsallagh Goat’s Cheese; Caherbeg Free Range Pork Mince (used for Curly Stu’s own special sausage mix) and – a new one on us – Nduja, a wet, spicy salami that packs a punch.

So where can you find Curly Stu Sourdough Pizzas? Well, the good news is they can come to you, as Curly Stu’s mobile pizza truck is available for private parties, festivals, weddings and corporate events.

They were last spotted at IRONMAN in Midleton, bravely serving cold and wet supporters with pizzas – which definitely perked everyone up a bit!

For more information, please call 085 196 0706 or find them on Facebook.