A roadside protest against Dairygold’s plans to discharge treated effluent into the bay at East Ferry attracted a crowd in excess of 70 people to Bawnard Cross, writes Christy Parker.

The protest, on a green area in the shadows of a JCB and a wired off large excavation in the road, was largely a family occasion. Relatively boisterous, the passing drivers who hooted and honked their support brought waves and cheers in response. Yet the benign atmosphere and good humour did not conceal the anger and deep sense of grievance at the dairy firm’s intentions.

Dairygold, trading as Dairygold Co-Operative Society Ltd., is currently constructing a cheese processing plant in Mogeely, in partnership with giant Norwegian dairy subsidiary TINE Ireland Ltd. The plant, which the company values at €120m, will produce high quality Jarlsberg cheese for export to Europe.

The company says it will create 67 jobs, excluding 200 in construction.

Residents in East Ferry say they have no problem whatsoever with the cheese-making operation. They have a major problem with disposal of waste from the plant however.

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