Exhale by the sea at The Garryvoe with High Coast Holistic


Introducing Professional Relaxation Therapy with Eileen Parker

Eileen Parker, High Coast Holistic, has one of the most relaxing voices we’ve ever heard – which isn’t exactly conducive to interviewing her, but we’ll power through, writes Becky Grice.

Starting on May 14th at The Garryvoe, Eileen will be offering guests and visitors alike the opportunity to embrace Professional Relaxation Therapy – techniques to help you take a time-out, increasing calmness, reducing stress levels & anxiety and, in short, take a deep breath in, centre yourself and… exhale…

As a graduate of the School of Natural Health Sciences and a qualified Professional Relaxation Therapist, Eileen’s credentials speak for themselves. ‘Relaxation may sound like the simplest thing in the world,’ Eileen notes, ‘but there’s actually a lot to it. It’s about soothing all the senses, and balancing the mind, body and spirit. The point is to benefit the entire body – and the mind is the starting point of it all.’

‘Yoga is where it all began for me,’ Eileen smiles. ‘From that I became interested in health & fitness – but the natural way. We all suffer from stress in our lives and the best time to relax is, ironically, when you don’t have the time for it!’

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