From strong roots to 35 years of Split Ends; Split Ends Hair Salon & Bespoke Beauty, Midleton celebrates 35th anniversary


Theresa Keniry Roche is a master when it comes to cutting & colouring hair. She’s also pretty handy with a nine-iron, but more on that in a little bit. But, hand her a bottle of Prosecco and the stylists at Split Ends Hair Salon & Bespoke Beauty take an involuntary step backwards. ‘That cork could go anywhere,’ is the comment from over our right shoulder, writes Becky Grice.

And it’s not like we’re anywhere with lots and lots of mirrors – a quick count and we figure that, with a ricochet or two, they could be in for 42 years of bad luck.

Thankfully, Theresa (finally) pops the cork without incident – and there’s cheers all around.

And why wouldn’t there be? Split Ends Hair Salon is currently celebrating their 35th anniversary in Midleton and, from Tuesday, May 7th to Saturday, May 11th, very, very special offers abound at Split Ends Hair Salon and, upstairs, Bespoke Beauty.

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