H2O AOK in Midleton, learns Cllr. Noel Collins


Cllr. Noel Collins has called for a report to be made available on the quality of drinking water serving Midleton town and the environs from the Broomfield Reservoir.

The Midleton-based councillor made his request at the Southern Committee Meeting of Cork County Council on February 18th.

Kevin Morey, Director of Water Services, replied, stating, ‘Water quality in the Midleton water supply scheme meets the requirements of the EU Drinking Water regulations.’

He then supplied those present with a report providing the results of all 339 regulatory sample results, taken on the scheme during 2018. The water quality information since 2014 is available for all public water supply schemes at www.water.ie, the Irish Water website.

In response, Cllr. Collins stated, ‘I am very pleased with the report from Kevin Morey on the quality of the Midleton water supply, serving the town and its environs, which meets the requirements of EU Drinking Water regulations.’