Local Wild Food Challenge is a fEast for the senses


Get out into the wild and find, forage and feast on your gatherings. That is the message from Ireland’s first Local Wild Food Challenge which will take place at fEast Cork Food and Drink Festival in Midleton, Co Cork on September 8th.

The Local Wild Food Challenge is a culinary adventure contest, challenging people to get out into their surrounding environments and create dishes using the wealth of wild ingredients found right at their back door. These ingredients can be sourced from beaches, forests, rivers, lakes, hills or backyards. Organisers wish that those partaking in the event have as much fun being outdoors, fishing, foraging, hunting and gathering as they do preparing their dish. Also encouraging people to partner up with others and combine skills of gathering food and cooking to compete.

Competitors create a dish made from their wild food gatherings and present it with the story of its origin to a panel of judges who assess the taste, presentation and inspiring story behind the dish. Anyone can have a go and the judging and scoring system is designed to be equal and fair for amateurs and professionals alike. Kids are also encouraged to enter. Contestants can make any kind of dish they want, hot, cold, liquid, frozen, as long as it includes at least one wild ingredient. However, the more local and wild ingredients the better. This year’s competition will be assessed by a panel of celebrity judges including the Ballyhoura Mushrooms team and Jess Murphy of Kai Cafe, Galway who are also partaking in the fEast Cork programme.

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