Midleton’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2019: What kind of parade do you want?


On Saturday last the Midleton Parade Committee launched the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Parade with a photo shoot at, aptly, the Kindred Spirits sculpture in the town. We have a number of thank yous to make but first a lot of credit for this mini event goes to Diane Connaughton, Studio D Dance School, who rallied everyone in a very short space of time.

The parade has always relied on a committee and the towns support and this year is no different. The committee‘s role is to create a sturdy platform for participants & viewers alike. In recent years the numbers on this committee have dwindled to a mere 1 or 2, despite the miraculous efforts made over recent years a lot of grumbling followed.

This year, while the committee stands strong & diverse on double figures, we’re asking the question, ‘What kind of parade do YOU want?’ The only way to answer that is to get involved. Entries, volunteers and sponsorship are the key elements that no committee can control.

The parade lies with each & every member of the community to come together, to enter, to volunteer to sponsor or donate. It’s not magic that creates this kind of event it’s a community working on displaying our talent, comradely and Irishness in a unique, colourful, silent, loud, joint way.

Everyone can do something. Don’t rely on ‘someone will.’ That someone is you!

All your comments, likes & shares on @paddysdayinmidleton have a huge impact on the committee. Keep checking in as we’ll have lots more information to share!

Remember, closing date for applications is March 8th. No applications will be considered after this date. First come first served basis. We will reply to the e-mail given with your assigned position, meeting point & exit route.

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