Shanagarry inventor taps into $15 billion US Market


Shanagarry inventor taps into $15 billion US Market

SimCairMedical/iCON Innovations has announced the completion of a licensing deal with Customatic, a leading innovator in the mattress and adjustable bed market in the USA. Shanagarry’s Noel Daly, the inventor of the products and CEO of SimCair/iCON Innovations, noted, “We launched the new mattress technology range at the US furniture industry’s leading Trade Show Exhibition in Las Vegas at the end of July. Customer feedback on the product is great, and interest from retailers and the industry exceeded our expectations. The whole deal is expected to be high value.”

The development of this product range required a significant investment followed by extensive research to identify a sales channel partner for the USA. The company now plans to bring in external investors. According to Noel, there is a strong interest from global investors. “We’re delighted with the initial response from prospective investors and we welcome further interest.” Noel noted, “This is Irish owned technology competing in the Global Market. The opportunity is potentially larger than any of our previous undertakings, so we need to scale it up relatively quickly.”

A native of Shanagarry, Noel Daly, was 1999 Shell Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Since then he and his companies have been developing and launching new technologies for global markets in many sectors.

In 2017 Noel’s company SimCair Medical developed and launched a new Infection Control Mattress for hospitals and medical facilities around Europe. With infections like MRSA on the rise, Noel recognised the opportunity and produced the iCON Infection Control Support Surface which utilises his patented technology to help prevent and minimise cross-infection between patients. Noel explained “Innovation is key in all elements of the business, from sourcing to selling. In the early stages of development, a lot of time goes into securing the right global supply chain and I focus heavily on writing patents. This gives us a strong degree of protection against would-be competitors.” Noel added, “We expect to have created a significant number of high-value jobs here in Ireland within two years, focusing mainly on R&D, Innovation and Marketing.”