Specsavers Midleton proves ‘life-saver’ for Veronica O’Brien


A VISIT to a Midleton opticians proved a lifesaving experience for Cork native, Veronica O’Brien (56) (pictured), when her optometrist discovered an abnormal lesion in the left eye during a routine eye test.

Having been a Specsavers Midleton customer since 2011, Veronica has always been mindful to undergo the recommended biennial eye exam and is now keen to raise awareness of the importance of regular eye tests after her recent experience with Specsavers. On arrival to the store, Veronica reported a slight deterioration in her reading glasses to optometrist Eveleen Rowe, a normal occurrence between examinations for most people.

Upon testing, Eveleen identified a slight abnormal lesion at the back of Veronica’s left eye. Eveleen states, ‘I was unable to obtain a full view of the lesion initially, so I had to dilate Veronica’s pupil using drops. It was then that I noticed a large abnormal mass which, I knew it required immediate attention.’

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