Spike Island is ship-shape


Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Christopher O’Sullivan has  launched Spike Island’s new ferry service, appropriately named ‘Spike Island’ in honour of its route. Mayor O’Sullivan performed the ceremonial honour of pouring champagne on the bow on the 81st anniversary of the handover of Spike Island from Britain to Ireland.

The 126 capacity ferry was secured by Doyle Shipping Company who have been servicing Spike Island since the 1950’s and have seen the service change from military to prison to tourism during these years. The ferry will complement the existing service by increasing capacity and allowing visitors a longer stay on the 104 acre island.

Commenting at the launch, Cork County Council Chief Executive Tim Lucey said “We are delighted to see the new ferry launched which will address any capacity issues the island might face in the coming years. As well as enabling longer stays for day trippers, the extra capacity also opens up the potential for Spike Island to hold large scale events in the near future, offering an even greater economic benefit to Cork County.”

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