Teagasc launch LIAISON EU Rural Innovation Contest


We are looking for farmers, foresters, and agri‐food initiatives with a success story to share!

Times are changing! All across Europe the agricultural, forestry and the agri‐food sectors are facing major social, economic and environmental challenges – as well as unprecedented opportunities.

Rural innovation is currently one of the hottest topics of discussion from farmhouse kitchen tables to the European Commission offices in Brussels. Rural innovation is not just about the one‐way, top‐down transfer of new products and processes from science into practice. Rural innovation is about co‐creation! It’s about farmers/foresters, advisors, researchers and others working together in partnership to find solutions to real‐life needs, challenges and opportunities.

Successful partnerships for rural innovation have the ability to identify needs, to capture new ideas and to nurture them. They have the capacity to organise themselves, to create something new, to test it and to turn it into something with real practical application.

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