Touch of Elegance Nails Studio celebrates fifth anniversary in Midleton


The meaning of the name ‘Latoya’ is ‘victorious one’ – and it’s the perfect description of Latoya Fitzgerald, the owner of Touch of Elegance Nails Studio, Midleton, writes Becky Grice.

Growing up in Jamaica, Latoya always dreamed of running her own business. A brief stint on a corporate law course taught her two things: firstly, she didn’t have any interest in law, corporate or otherwise and, secondly, working for someone else wasn’t a viable possibility. In truth, she admits the reason she signed up for corporate law in the first place was because she thought it would look good when her twentieth high school reunion rolled around!

A passion for nail care had often seen Latoya sat on her home porch, doing nail treatments for friends and family, so she decided to enrol in beauty college – there was just one small snag. “I was broke,” Latoya smiles, “but I wasn’t going to let that beat me.” So – showing skills that truly would have made an excellent lawyer – she negotiated her way into a refund from her law course and started her beauty course instead. She had an interesting approach to college life. “Pretty quickly, I realised that I already knew most of what was being taught, so I went to my tutor and said, ‘Look, if I show you what I can do, can you just pass me now and give me my certificate?” My tutor looked at me and replied, ‘Well, it actually doesn’t work like that!'”

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